A Deadly Mission - Book 1

When college chaplain Olympia Brown discovers that a homesick freshman is being recruited by a shadowy religious cult. She learns that another college student, with connections to that same group, recently died in a suspicious drowning accident. She needs to act quickly, and asks colleague, Father Jim Sawicki, to help her infiltrate the group and rescue the girl before she becomes another victim of their deadly mission. 

Olympia persuades her son, Malcolm, to attend a Rock concert and praise rally organized by these people. Unfortunately, he is discovered, and cult members go on a deadly offensive to protect their secrets and prevent further interference from Rev. Dr. Olympia Brown. 

Meanwhile, back on the home front, Olympia connects with an Englishman she met over the summer, and her life takes a delightful turn for the better, as she and Frederick get to know one another…in the most delightful way.  And did I mention the “house-ghost?”