About Judith Campbell

Rev. Dr. Judy Campbell is an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister as well as the creator of the Olympia Brown mysteries. In addition to her mysteries, she has published two books of watercolor instruction, children’s books and stories, poetry, and essays on the arts, religion, spirituality, and creativity. 

She holds a PhD in The Arts and Religious Studies from The Union Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio, and a Master of Arts in Fine Arts, from Goddard College in Vermont. She has presented writing workshops and ‘Writing as Spiritual Practice” workshops both nationally and internationally. When she isn’t traveling and teaching or leading workshops, she makes her home in Plymouth, Massachusetts. She lives with her husband and best friend, Chris Stokes, (AKA Frederick Watkins) who refers to himself as a ‘Professional Englishman’, along with their two royally indulged cats, Simon and Katie.

Judith sees writing the Mission Mysteries as part of her ongoing community based ministry. And while the stories are not preachy or moralistic, they do address contemporary social and ethical issues. Like the good reverend she portrays in her protagonist, Olympia Brown, Judith Campbell does not take sides or cast opinions. Her own ‘mission’ as the author of this series is to raise awareness and to hold up a question or an issue for her readers to think about and come to their own conclusions. She will, from time to time, share thoughts, words, writing hints and ideas, poems and even recipes through her blog posts and she will invite friends, readers and friends she hasn’t met yet, to reply in hopefully what will become an ongoing creative dialogue between people.

So, dear reader, do come back for regular visits; check out her FaceBook page here and online; and…make yourself known to the Irreverent Reverend, …the Perspicacious Parson, or whatever else comes to mind when you read her books. You are welcome here!

Be sure to visit my blog while you’re here! It’s updated often with the latest Olympia news and what other things I’m up to.