“Whisper of Spring” Shawl


Deep “V” shaped, 36” from center stitch, to the outermost tip, (each side)

20” drop at the center.  Very soft and drapey, smaller size, lovely for a front-back drape, or a light shoulder wrap.

Price includes shipping.

NB I will donate 30% of all Shawl sales to a human or animal rights charity.

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It’s a garment and a wall sculpture…it’s both…you choose…you choose when…and ‘wear.’

These art-garments are like nothing you’ve seen or worn before— created out of mixed fibers, individually and organically designed that “grow” as I knit them. I do not pre-plan these works of art, other than choosing a basic color scheme, and then let them happen.  All measurements are approximate…these things drape and droop…they are supposed to curl around you.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 1 × 20 in