A Predatory Mission - Book 5

When the minister and a young mother, both members of the same church, disappear without warning, the Reverend Doctor Olympia Brown is called in to help. She soon suspects a connection between the missing women and charismatic Pastor Markham from the church across the street. With investigative assistance from her best friend, Father Jim, and support from her beloved Frederick, Olympia discovers Markham’s long and well-concealed history of sexual misconduct. When he sets his lustful sights on Olympia, she knows the only way to stop this insidious predator is to catch him in the act, which could have deadly consequences. It’s a risk, and she takes it. A Predatory Mission addresses the uncomfortable but timely topic of clergy sex abuse, in a sensitive and unflinching page-turner of a book. It’s hard to put it down once you’ve started reading it.