“Auld lang syne…” …To days gone by.”

Auld Lang Syne…
(A prayer for the New Year….any New Year)

Familiar words
Meaning, ‘times gone by.’
Sung and celebrated at year’s end
Almost all the way around the world
(With some notable exceptions.)
Celebrated by lifting a ‘cup of kindness’
To memories
Of days…and years,
gone by.

But what about the days that are still yet to be?
“Gus na làithean ri thighinn.” (“Until the days to come.”)

Can we lift a cup of kindness to those as well?
Or maybe instead?
We can remember the past, but we can’t change it.
We can only work on that which lies before us.
All of us
No exceptions.
So lift your cup of kindness with me…and drink deeply.
“Gus na làithean ri thighinn.”

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