The coming and the going of Christmas Present

The coming and the going of Christmas Present
A poem…. short play…or sacred drama. (Check one or all that apply)
Cast:…The Searcher and The Producer

Searcher enters, walks onto empty stage and looks around.
S: “So this is it? Where is everybody?”….Producer enters from stage left.
P: “What were you expecting?” 
S: “Oh, I don’t know, some stars, maybe a couple of angels. I understand that booking a heavenly host is way too expensive these days, but the shepherds never charged very much.”
P: ”Things have changed.”
S: “Since when? I mean, I haven’t been away that long, have I? We do still celebrate it don’t we?”
P: “More or less.”
S: “What do you mean, more or less?”
P: “People are busy these days. They hire other people to do it for them. It’s the in thing now, you know.”
S: Looks puzzled.
P: “You call, they come in and put up the lights, decorate the house and buy the presents. Hell, you can even get someone to come in and cook the meal or deliver it all cooked. If you have then come back and do the dishes it’s extra. It’s called HOLIDAY PREP. It’s big business. As long as people want the old fashioned Christmas experience, there’s always going to be a market in providing one.”
S: “I can’t believe I’m hearing this.”
P: “Believe it.”
S: “What happened to ‘Away in a manger, no crib for his bed?’ What about the Friendly Beasts around him stood?”
P: “Gone. Health and safety laws. Fire hazard. Bad smells.”
S: “I’m talking about the Christmas Carols.”
P: “I think you can still get them on Utube.”
S: “So what do people do to get into the Christmas spirit these days?”
P: “All the traditional stuff, lights, action figures, inflatables, projections, pyrotechnics. You gotta be careful with those, though. They can be dangerous. Would you believe they’re even using color changing drones now? Now that’s really exciting. You’ll see. You’re gonna love it Right now all you see is a bare stage. But in a few minutes, advanced technology is gonna change all that. Gives everything a whole new meaning.”
S: “Meaning?”
P: “You gotta get with the program kiddo. It’s all about eye-candy these days. About clicks and eyeballs. We are talking about the law of the PROFIT here. Investing in futures….and the future is in instant messaging. Christmas past and present all together in one 90 second video clip. Play all or part of it as often as you want. Think about how much time you’ll save. No prep, no mess, nothing to clean up. Where have you been hiding?”
S: “Not hiding so much as standing back. This is going to take some getting used to.”
P: “No time like the present. Here, put on this headset and I’ll run it for you.”
S: “I don’t think so. At least not right now.”
P: “You’re gonna get left behind you know. This is it…the real thing, this is where it’s all happening and it’s happening now and it’s happening here.”
S: “That’s okay.”
P: “It’s your loss.”
S: “Maybe yes, maybe no.”
P: “What are you talking about?”
S: “I’m not sure yet, but whatever it is I think it might still be out there …and I need to try and find it.”
P: “Look, if you’re talking about the baby in the manger thing…peace on earth….hope and change… its ancient history. Forget it. Didn’t work then and it’s not gonna work now.”
S: “You’re right. It is ancient history. But as long as somebody remembers and keeps telling the story, the spirit and the meaning will never be lost.”
P: “You’re serious aren’t you? You really think you can go back and find it. ”
S: “It’s not lost. It just got covered up by progress and impatience, by rhinestones and target marketing. It’s still out there, somewhere. It has to be.”
P: “Hey there, wait a minute, don’t go yet. At least stay for the opening act. It’s fabulous. It’ll blow you away.”
(The lights begin to flicker and machines can be heard powering up.)
S: “Thanks, but no thanks. I’m going to go out and find it. I shouldn’t be long.”
P: (Shaking his head)…Poor kid….

“Oh Come Oh Come Emanuel” comes up softly as Searcher walks off stage and down the center aisle and Producer turns and goes back into the wings.

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