Knitting directions for PINKPUSSYCAPS

Knitting directions for PINKPUSSYCAPS


Needles, size 10. 5 or 11

Yarn (Pink….any shade)  ….Chunky, bulky or double strand of any knitting worsted. I like to mix lots of different colors of pink.

Cast on 34-36 st.

Rib in K2 P2 for 3 ½ inches.

Change to Stockinette  st, and knit entire piece (so far) measures 11-13 inches, (depending on head size).

the change back to k2, p2, ribbing for 3 1/2 more inches and then bind off.

Now you have a long rectangle.

Fold it in half.

Sew up the two sides….any way you like, and tuck in any stray bits of yarn.


YAY!  You are done. I often do a little cable or something decorative in the stockinette part just fo visual interest….but it is not necessary at all and entirely up to you.


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